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   News: 06-oct-01 || No.1

"the battle - to the max mix" is No.1 on ...


   News: 04-oct-01 || Song of the day

" can you hear me comin" is "song of the day" on ! (my second now...)
"the battle - to the max mix" is on the 5th place on ...


   News: 28.09.2001 || New Tracks

3 new tracks. 2 versions of my newest track "the battle" and also the opening song of my next album "can you hear me comin" are available for download.
download ...


   News: 27-sept-01 || Mega Picture Update

No time for computers, music and co in the next 3 months. Therefore I've uploaded all pictures of my current projects. The "Mig 3" and the "oldtimer" are nearly complete now. The "Raptor" still need some ather materials. I think 20 pictures are enough for the next time ...

picture mig 3 airport picture oldtimer srv picture raptor srh

Give me more !


   News: 20-sept-01 || Mig 3

another one ...

  picture mig3 srv  

Project complete: 95%


   News: 25-aug01 || Me 262

After some 3D projects with cars I decided to make a model of an original aircraft - the Messerschmitt Me262. Most of the work will be done with improvisation because I don't have detailled pictures of the plane.

The shot shows the model after 10 hours work.

  picture me 262  

PS: Project complete: 40%


   News: 24-aug-01 || No.2

My track "lost paradise" (club-version) is on the second place on ...


   News: 23-aug-01 || New Tracks ...

New Tracks.

2 new versions of "lost paradise" available - club version & extended version ( 10 min playing time). Both versions are completely new recorded and sounds much better than the original ( and this was club tip on for two weeks).
download !
also new: modified version from "far beyond reality"

new pics: 2 great shots of my RAPTOR.

picture raptor front picture raptor side 2

PS: Project complete: 95 %


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